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You can sign up using the form on this site: please report your name, address, telephone number, floor (s), number of windows and how often your windows should be washed per year (12, 6, 4 x per year) plus any particulars we need to know. We then put you on the list and come along within a month. Unsubscribing goes in the same way, you indicate by e-mail that you want to stop and we will remove you up from the WASHINGLIST (processing Time 1 week).

We use the Tuckerpole system. With a pull-out stick with a brush that repumps osmosis water, your windows and window frames are cleaned and rinsed. The water will then dry stain freely. If your windows are very dirty then they are usually not cleaned at once. A second wash is required. For this, extra is charged, it is overdue maintenance. We work from street level whereby the windows of balcony doors are not or partially accessible; The windows above the balcony doors are usually lapping.

The cost is for a normal home with up to 5 windows per floor on the street €15,-for the ground floor, €20,-for the 1st floor, €25,-for the 2nd floor, €30,-for the 3rd floor and €45,-for the 4th floor.

For more than 5 windows per floor We charge € 8,-per extra window.

For window cleaning by hand (ladder and wiper) We charge €5,- extra. All prices include 21% VAT. When we have been along you get an invoice bij e-mail. You can make the amount due per bank. If you want to pay in cash, this can be when we are washing the windows. We never come another day to pick up the amount.

It is possible to clean your windows on the backside and the inside and in places where we do not have access. If you see us with your front windows, you can make a call so that we can come up or to the back. Windows washing on the inside is at your own risk. If you would like to make a separate appointment, we can charge €20,-row costs. We are not responsible for water damage.

If you have any complaints, we would like to hear that within 5 days, so that we can come along to solve the problem.

When you sign in, you agree to this standard quote as general terms and conditions.

Hope to have informed you enough, if not, please mail to


Califax – Florus Numan
06 – 46 070 333 (prefer to mail)

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