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Dear Amsterdam citizen,

Your Window-Cleaner cleans windows in all of Amsterdam. Every month we are also cleaning in your area. Should no Window-Cleaner pass by in your street but you want clean windows indeed? Then you can register through the registration form on this site.

You can register by filling out your name, phone number, cleaning address, number of stories, windows per story and the cleaning frequency, 12/6/4 times a year and possible specifics to the location/adrdress particularities.

In many cases we use the Tuckerpole or Telewash system. With a telescopic tube with brush through which osmosis water is pumped your windows and frames are washed and rinsed. This is safe, fast and the windows will dry without stains & stripes. In case of very dirty windows, bad maintenance, then usually a second cleaning is necessary to obtain a proper cleaning result.

After have registered through this website for window cleaning in greater Amsterdam we will drop by within a month. After cleaning we send an invoice bij e-mail so you can transfer the amount due by bank within 14 days to your window-cleaner. In case you are at home it is no problem and possible to pay cash. Should you have any complaints we appreciate to hear them within 5 days, giving us the possibility to solve the problem. Just send us an email. Cancelling your registration can also be done by email.

In the Amsterdam area it is also possible to clean your windows on the inside or at the rear side of your house or industrial premises. In that case you will have to be present yourself. If you see our window cleaners in your neighbourhood we can do that at the same time. If we have to make a special trip please mail us for a date. Because of our Telewash system we can get to areas which are normally unreachable. 

You can register at : please mention your name, address, phone number, story (stories), the number of windows and how often you want your windows cleaned (12, 6, or 4 times a year) as well as eventual particularities we should know. We will list you and visit you within a month. Cancelling your registration goes the same way, you tell by email you want to stop and we will take you off the list.

In many cases we use the Tuckerpole or Telewash system, which is tube connected brush through which osmosis water is pumped, washing and rinsing your windows and frames in the process. Your windows will dry up afterwards spotlessly. In case your windows are extremely dirty or behind on maintainance a single cleaning session might not be enough. A second wash will be necessary in this case. This will be charged extra due to overdue maintenance.

The cost for cleaning windows of an address based on the ground floor is 15 euro, 15 euro for the first floor, 20 euro for the second floor, 25 euro for the third floor and 45 euro for the fourth floor. For over 5 windows per story we charge maximum 8 euro for an extra window. For cleaning by hand (ladder and wiper) we charge 5 euro extra. All prices are including 21 percent VAT. 

When we have finished cleaning we leave a invoice bij e-mail. You can transfer the required amount by bank. In case you want to pay cash this will be possible if you see us cleaning in your neighbourhood.

It is possible to clean the inside and rear side and on locations to which we do not have access. If you see us busy cleaning your front windows you can give us a signal so we can come upstairs or at the rear side of the premises. Should you wish to fix an extra appointment we have to charge you 20 euro transportation cost.

If any issues need my personal attention, being the owner and cleaning windows during the daytime as well, it might happen I don’t immediately react to your email or phone call. My apologies in advance if indeed this occurs as I will answer the call/mail as soon as I am able to.

Because i myself am cleaning windows during the daytime it might happen that i do not react immediately to your email or phone call for which i apologize. Naturally i answer my mail.

Should you have any complaints we appreciate receiving them within 5 days so we can drop by to solve the problem.

Because we want to keep the costs of our services for the customer as low as possible, we are obliged to charge you in case of payment-reminders. The third reminder will add summation fee of 40 euro. We do refer long-term outstanding debt to a collection agency past a third notice.

By registration you agree to the General Conditions as mentioned in this standard offer.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently, if not, please do not hesitate to mail to

Kind regards,

Califax - Florus Numan
06 46070333 (preferably contact by email)

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